Self Care.

Sometimes I’m afraid to write because I have “too much” to say instead of “too little.”

Have you ever had “too much” of something?

Most of the time, we are always so concerned (I think) about the “lack thereof” of something or of “running out.”

Yesterday we took my dog to the vet after a rough stint where he stopped walking and started to physically “shut down.”

His pain tolerance is very high, so I knew he was indeed, gravely ill.

Either way, it scared the crap out of us. Point blank.

At the end of the day, it turns out, he has Lyme’s Disease and will need medication. He was running a high fever and his symptoms and tests all pointed towards this culprit, so now (even though my husband is still carrying him everywhere) we wait to see how the medicine will help him.

Prayers appreciated please, as there is nothing greater for us right now than for him to spring back to life.

I know that with God’s help this is possible and with prayers and said rest that it will be achieved; however, the waiting…as Tom Petty would say: “…is the hardest part.”

Have you ever hung onto a prayer and had to wait?

God answers. But in His own time.

And this…sometimes… (for us humans) can be very hard. The waiting part.

It can cause turmoil and emotional depletion. Physically we can even take on one another’s burdens if we aren’t careful. And that is why I have always been such a big believer in “self-care.”

I was talking to my dad yesterday on the phone. It was such a nice conversation that lasted about twenty minutes…but anyways, the ideas came up about self-care and I (as I always do) gave the analogy of the airplane oxygen mask.

Anytime you fly, the flight attendants do their song and dance in the front of the plane about how “you should put your mask on first” BEFORE you attempt to help someone else.

And isn’t this true in life too? God said to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

It’s loving yourself FIRST that matters.

I’ll never forget when I read the second commandment and realized this huge epiphany. I was sitting on my smoking porch (I no longer smoke, so don’t worry) …but I was sitting there reading my devotionals and it was talking about loving your neighbor and I remember the exact instance where it hit me: I love my neighbor more than I do myself.

Today we should be going to church. It is something we had planned on doing as a family. But today, as far as I can see, this family needs the rest and the recoop time in what staying at home can provide. So, as much as my spirit would LOVE them to go to church with me, my body is saying that they are going to praise God from home today. We are burnt out. And need rest. And my spirit needs to be filled even more.

If it was one thing that I learned throughout my journey thus far in life, it is that self-care and loving yourself to be of utmost importance. It is a gift—your health…that you give to others. So, take care of you today before you feel the need to be there for someone who needs you. Peace and love to you!

“O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth Your praise.” Psalm 51:15

self care





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