Becoming Beautiful. 🦋

Transformation Takes Time…

Every Moment You Devote to Accepting and Embracing Change, is worth its weight in gold.

This pic collage is called vulnerability and the reason I put myself out there, so naked and ugly is because I know, that for some one random person out there—that after seeing this, that YOU—might question some things…and maybe someone else will see this and find the hope they seek, or maybe for someone else they might now know that possibilities like this one actually exist. That we do recover. 🦋

Here’s the real deal—not everyone gets the gift of sobriety but if they do, they take that other chance that life gave them and they work towards their new role in service. 👊🏻 To stay sober, we work with others, to stay “on plan” on our wellness journeys, we continue to reach out to our communities…our recovery is quite similar. It works on a daily reprieve and on reflection and self love, awareness and improvement.

How we protect and safeguard our lives and avoid relapse by reaching out to those who still suffer—That’s most of us.


Success is found in community and fellowship.

Trauma. Abuse. Conditioned thoughts and ideas are what got us there—it wasn’t the drugs, alcohol or food that destroyed our lives…these were just the things that catapulted us back into existence. It’s what “showed” outwardly to a certain extent—the habits that were frowned upon. It’s actually what got us help.

Our real pain though, the root of all symptoms and diseases and addictions at some point or another will come to a head. You can’t run forever. And when that rock bottom happens—you know it without question. There isn’t much of anything you haven’t tried to fix yourself. You accept you are lost…

So we had a choice—to die the way we were or to change.

And I chose to be willing…and from there my journey started. Now I live the life I love—I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I am happy, joyous, and free…the promises are REAL.

I pray you choose change today too because you are loved, deserving and you are important to the world. So if you sometimes feel like you don’t belong, find your tribe by finding the right support. We need you. And maybe you need us too. Help One, Save Two.

Today marks 937 days sober.