The Life of Jetta Joy

Jetta Joy is our 1 year old French Bulldog we were gifted from my parents. She has completely changed our lives. And we often feel the need to share some of her most charismatic and intricate personality features. She is definitely unique! And she is definitely one of us!

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The Jetta “STAMP” of Approval…

Living in Denial. The First Step in Coming to Terms with Your Addiction & Frequent Bad Habits.

We used to have such a challenging time in the potty training of our dog, Jetta; however, on some occasions, we realized that she wasn’t exactly peeing, but instead she was somehow making things extremely wet by some other means.

Caught in the act…

It turns out, that she proves to be a “pillow licker.” We are not sure if she is the only one of her kind or not, but she truly licks until something is doused in her slobber. Whether it is her blanket in her kennel, or our pillows on the couch or elsewhere, you definitely know when this little pillow licking fairy has made a visit.

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