Lifestyle Changes.

So, I know in a lot of my previous blogs I talked about a lifestyle change.

This change has finally been put into motion, as I am no longer continuing some nasty old habits when it comes to food and drink. My body has had a major adjustment time, and I have found myself this first week very tired, but the lack of sugar intake feels good. I feel really good generally and am in the best of spirits. I keep praying that I stay strong and continue on this program as it is working for me. So far, not only am I feeling good, but I have lost 5lbs. Which is something to celebrate.

Celebrating now must be much different as before I used to celebrate with food or drink. Have you ever done this? How do you celebrate?

Choosing healthy options, I’ve learned though pays off, definitely pays off, in the long run and consistency is key to creating an overall lifestyle change.

Do you feel like you have consistency in your life?

I will admit that when I first started blogging I did it every day. It was my time right after talking with Jesus that I would meditate and blog. I need to get back to doing that. But one day at a time, I’ve learned. Too many changes at once don’t often work in the long run. We aren’t God after all, just his servants and what we need help with we must ask of Him, not of ourselves.

As the time has moved on, we have decided to go away for the weekend. I’m planning on continuing this diet/lifestyle change as we depart but know it is going to be challenging. The reward ahead though is what I focus on, and in knowing that in simple successes like 5lbs. I can find even more to be joyous and humble about.

Today, after so much rain it is sunny. As a family who loves to stay in-doors we are inside today but I plan to weed later on. We were outside yesterday for a lot of time, but too much sun, like anything, is not good. Do you ever feel like you have had too much of something? Rain perhaps? Ha. It has rained here this past week leaving many that struggle with seasonal depression issues to rot in worry. Don’t worry with the Lord though; He is and always will be good.

Until the next blog, I pray that you have a great week and that the sunshine hits your shoulders in just the right way. And Amen to that!

“Make me know Your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4

lifestyle changes.

Hello Summer.

My computer is so slow today that I’m afraid my whole computer might shut down on itself.

Nevertheless, I am in fast mode today and not knowing exactly what to do with myself.

My son and husband are away and I’m literally here alone.

This is the first time since Tyson’s death that I have been home without him when my husband has been off on business. And it’s so different. It’s a little strange but I’m starting to enjoy a lot of this alone time in knowing I can just wait on myself hand and foot and not anyone else. Oh, the freedom! I’m so crazy I might even make myself fettucine alfredo for lunch today! Ha.

Summer finally feels like it is here and the sun is out. My five year old is at his grandparent’s house and I’m told they are to swim a couple of days this week. I will pick him up on Friday and we will lunch with my Father for Father’s Day. Are you doing anything special for the day?

We are supposed to go back up and visit my in laws on Sunday and go to a cook out that celebrates the men. It sounds fun. And they definitely deserve it. I am very blessed to have a lot of good Godly men in my life. A cook out is the least we can do to celebrate Father’s Day.

I’m missing my son so much right now though. Normally when I blog I am also multi tasking and making him breakfast but today…it’s just me and my orange soda.

Have I ever told you about my diet orange Sunkist addiction? Most people who know me well know this already about me…that where I go Sunkist is not far behind. I have been known to even leave a few in people’s refrigerators over the years, making it oh so convenient when I am at someone’s house and they ask me what I’d like to drink. “Oh…” they’ll say…”I think there might be an orange soda in the fridge from the last time you were here.”

Convenience. Have you ever set up your life to make it more convenient for yourself? After asking my in laws to take my son for a couple of days I started to think more seriously about this…

How hard we make our lives is up to us for a large part. How much we ask not just Jesus for help, but others is up to us too…and I haven’t been doing enough of this I’ve decided.

I’ve gone for years without a break and it started to take its toll. Now that I’m revamping I’m starting to realize this all though as for a very long time I seemed to be lost in a routine or deadly fog. It was if my life had suddenly gone on autopilot and there didn’t seem to be a way out.

Today is a new day though and the light shines. I thank the Lord for his goodness and pray that you are able to enjoy His light too. Take good care of yourself. It’s the best gift you can give to others.

Much love to you. XOXO…

“For with You is the fountain of life: in Your light, we see light.” Psalm 36:9

hello summer.


I found myself talking to a house fly this morning. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to go outside. I opened the back door, and tried to “shoo” him out but he was relentless. It was the back door where I used to take our boxer, Tyson out each morning and I’ll be honest with you, it made me sad. I miss him terribly.

As much as I tried to hate that dog, I loved him with every bit of my soul. He was always there with me, especially when my husband was away on business. And now that my husband is getting ready to travel again, it has brought me feelings of unease and unhappiness somewhat.

I’ve never been alone with just my five-year-old and this house without Tyson. But I remind myself that God is always with me. And that should be more than enough. “The Lord…will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31: 8 (ESV). This is the scripture I keep telling myself and it has helped in knowing I am not alone. Luckily, too my husband won’t be gone long, but it’s just the first time since Tyson’s death since I have even had to think about any of this let alone do it.

Today is such a lazy Sunday. We have done a lot of things most recently in attempting to entertain ourselves, including going to see “The Secret Life of Pets 2” and going to an indoor playground. We visited a puppy store too which smelled like pee but nothing there filled any type of void of missing our dog that we so cherished. “Someday…” my husband says we will get another dog, but it is too soon. I never thought of myself as an animal lover, but I must be one. Oh, the things we continue to learn about ourselves as we age. Is there anything that has every surprised you about yourself? Sometimes it seems like an exciting pursuit—to get to know yourself in new and changing ways. I talk to house flys so I can’t say that I don’t love nature. It must be a part of me I simply didn’t understand up until now.

My husband mowed the yard yesterday and I watched him as he batted HUGE cicadas off of him. The humming noise that they constantly make don’t bother me but he keeps talking about how they sound like they are slowly dimming. Such is life.

I pray you have a great Sunday and it is spent the way you like most. We are staying here today and thanking the Lord for the sunshine we have finally received after so much rain. My husband might clean our truck out, but that’s just busy work in the grand scheme of things. It feels good to have small accomplishments like this to bide the time. And Amen to that. Small blessings are often the biggest.

“My whole being follows hard after You and clings closely to You; Your right hand upholds me.” Psalm 63: 8



Well, we decided to make a trip to Erie, Pa this summer for a vacation.

I could not be more excited.

Then, I found this huge tub of summer clothes for my five-year-old the other day. I kept wondering where all of our summer stuff went to, and then after rummaging through the basement, I found this tub with all of his swimming trunks and shorts. I am in heaven with it actually but now it’s finally time to go through his drawers and fish out all of the winter/fall things that summer won’t allow.

I still haven’t found (a tub) or anything of any sort for myself mind you. So I have no clue where my shorts are. I actually broke down and ordered a pair online the other day, just in case they don’t magically appear before our mini break.

I love vacations. Mainly, because they include family. This year we are going with my husband’s parents to the lake and I am overjoyed to show my five-year-old something close to what a vacation looks like and one that includes the water.

I was always a water baby and every year we would always go to Myrtle Beach, SC for our summer vacations. Do you have a special place that brings back memories like this? Of growing up, cruising around on gold carts, and eating ice cream under the fireworks? I’m sure lucky to have had two parents that were teachers growing up as we were always on the same schedule and it made for easy nice summer vacays.

It has still been raining here a lot and the cicadas are at full swing and buzzing with fierceness. There voices can be heard for miles and it made me think this morning how far my voice could carry a message if I really wanted it to. The Internet is a pretty far out way to spread the gospel but I pray that I can be as bold as a cicada. They are small, but their voices get heard. I pray that I share the word of Jesus without compromise and that you feel obliged as well. Summer vacation, or not, I praise JESUS.

Prayers for a safe and fun day even if it may have to be inside today. I plan on getting a ton of laundry done and I’m not looking forward to it, but I know that at the end of my boldness I’ll be rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment. I thank God for his mercy, that is new each and every day. It’s time to get up and move. There is no time like the present to make things happen. And Amen to that!

“They…began to speak the word of God with boldness.” Acts 4:31


High Spirits.

This weekend has been full of a lot of family time.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have my little family together and healthy on top of it.

Yesterday we went to this place called, “The Lightning Bug,” in Mars, Pa. And it was so much fun. I would call it a big arcade. But they had bumper cars and mini golf and all types of playground type things there to do. They even had food, although we went to Barrel Junction afterwards for nachos instead.

It was the perfect family day. And finally my five year old is getting over that horrid cough that he had. We had a ton of points to use there because my mom gave us a gift card for Christmas to the place and it was like a young kid’s dream to go and have a card full of cash to use at an arcade! My five-year-old was in heaven. We played mini golf outside and got a little bit of sun and I’ll admit my mini golf skills have gone downhill (literally) since the early nineties or the last time I played. I kept hitting it into the small ponds of water that were all around and my husband, knightly that he is, kept fishing it out for me using this big blue net.

It got me thinking yesterday though about how good things have been going lately. It also made me realize how much blogging I haven’t been doing. I’m hoping there isn’t a correlation and that my blogging isn’t just a bunch of complaining, but one that shares the joys of life too.

It made me think about struggles and how it seems like…sometimes I’m the closest to God when I’m having a time of heartache. Do you ever feel this way? It made me feel bad but it is true. When things get rough I’m chained to the Lord and the closest to Him.

For today I am glad that I have the relationship with Him that I do, as it is all I can do and all I can say. One day at a time. But in time, I pray that my relationship with Him continues to grow and that I am close with Him both when times are good and bad. And Amen to that!

I pray you have a good day rain or shine and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. May it be filled with fun and delight! Amen!

“But let all those who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing and shout for joy, because You make a covering over them and defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You and be in high spirits.” Psalm 5:11

high spirits