Seasons of Life.

I have officially lost over 24 lbs. on this new program I’m doing and I can’t tell you how good it feels. It has only been 10 weeks, but staying on course, day in and day out has proven to be successful. I was thinking this morning about how much more weight I want to lose and I decided that at least another 20 lbs. was necessary to get me to a healthy weight. I hadn’t realized it (at the time) but during my pregnancy I gained a total of 70 lbs. I had never been overweight before then and didn’t know (up until now) simply what to do about it all.

My old ways of living were simply not working and the more I suffered, it seemed the more and more I gained. It was an awful, vicious cycle, but the worst feeling was feeling out of control.

We should all be the lead in our own lives. We should all play the main part…but in my life, I felt like I was floating, literally amongst everyone else as the world passed me by. Day in and day out it all felt the same. I took the best care of my son that I could, but being unhealthy and overweight gives you many challenges throughout your days and it causes awful mood swings.

My devotional this morning was about moods. It basically said to rise to the occasion regardless of a bad mood or not, and to do things that you would do if you were simply feeling better. So, that’s what I did today. First I cancelled a doctor’s appointment though because my allergies have been killing me…it was just for a routine checkup but I didn’t “feel like” going so I called and rescheduled. This was all mind you BEFORE I read my devotional making me start the day off with allowing my mood to take over my mind instead of vice versa.

After I read my devotional my day started turning around, however. I worked out, got myself ready for the day and even cleaned out a shelf in our bathroom that has been hounding me for years. Do you have one of those shelves or drawers in your house? You know, the ones that things just somehow get thrown into. Back home, we used to call it “the junk drawer.” Well, this was a junk shelf full of unused products and odd eccentricities. I read a meme this morning on Instagram that said to not only “detoxify” your life but do detox cabinets and clean out cars…to clear away past items and make them new. So that gave me some inspiration this morning too. My husband will be delighted. But then he will want me to also do HIS shelf I’m quite sure of it. It would only be fair, as the products on HIS shelf, are well…also mine. Ha.

We went to Kindergarten orientation last Tuesday and it went really well. My five year old has a terrific teacher and he’s so excited to start school this Tuesday. He is all ready to go so there should be no reason why I’m so anxious, but let me tell you…I have been. I keep praying about it and trying to bide the time, but I’m wanting Tuesday to come, be good, and allow us to move on with a new schedule and life. I keep telling myself to get excited with my son, instead of anxious…just in case some of my unknown anxiety rubs off on him. So far, he is nothing but excited and not even a tad bit nervous so I need to cut it out. I’m trying my best.

I pray today the universe is good to you and that you allow change to come easily. I pray for the kids starting school and for their teachers and safety. I welcome fall and look forward to all that the upcoming season brings. Thank you God, for ever changing seasons. Help us to be thankful and glad. Amen.

“The Lord…will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:8 (ESV)


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