My Last Water Slide.

Well, we made it home from Erie, Pa after a nice couple of days on vacation.

We went to the beach, and to an amusement/water park called, Waldameer. It was there that I experienced my very last water slide, at least for a while, but it reminded me of my age and how my “parts” aren’t what they used to be. I felt as though I had reborn, after this water slide; it went so fast I lost my sunglasses completely and my contacts weren’t close behind them. All I remember is hanging on for dear life to this big yellow tube that just kept whirling as I whizzed past things that came and went with a blur.

My son had a wonderful time, both experiencing the beach and with the kiddie water slides the park had. We went to the water park as my husband and a few of his buddies went fishing. I guess they caught twelve fish, which was not a lot considering the captain caught forty-four the day before.

Either way, it was wonderful family time and a time that challenged my new way of living on my new lifestyle plan. I hate to call it a diet, as it isn’t quite that, but a means by which one attempts to obtain optimal health—it is lifelong.

I received an awful sunburn while at the beach and now it is in its itchy stage. It is so uncomfortable but at least the chills have surpassed. It all got me thinking about being uncomfortable in general. Even though I wore sunblock, the sun still got me somehow. As much as we complained about the rain, at least it kept us free from burning. I guess there is always something to complain about as now it is about to rain again all week, and I’m sure it will make a few people frown at the forecast. Me being burnt; however, I nearly look forward to it. Being inside because it’s raining means I don’t have to feel guilty for being inside when it is sunny out.

I haven’t been blogging since before we left for our weekend getaway and I must say, it feels good. I have always loved writing and I’m praying to God that he gives me the opportunity this upcoming year to get into content writing of some sort; it will give me a job once my five-year-old starts Kindergarten.

The power just went off. And then back on again. And it is now storming.

My five-year-old came running over to me, “I’m scared,” he whined as he nuzzled up under my armpit.

“You don’t have to be scared; you’re with me,” I said.

And it all got me thinking about what a great God we have and one that gives us the confidence to not be afraid, no matter what….whether we are whirling on a waterslide, or tucked in at home during a storm. God is good. He is always with us and He is faithful and a divine part of our being.

And Amen to that!

“The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

my last waterslide

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