Lifestyle Changes.

So, I know in a lot of my previous blogs I talked about a lifestyle change.

This change has finally been put into motion, as I am no longer continuing some nasty old habits when it comes to food and drink. My body has had a major adjustment time, and I have found myself this first week very tired, but the lack of sugar intake feels good. I feel really good generally and am in the best of spirits. I keep praying that I stay strong and continue on this program as it is working for me. So far, not only am I feeling good, but I have lost 5lbs. Which is something to celebrate.

Celebrating now must be much different as before I used to celebrate with food or drink. Have you ever done this? How do you celebrate?

Choosing healthy options, I’ve learned though pays off, definitely pays off, in the long run and consistency is key to creating an overall lifestyle change.

Do you feel like you have consistency in your life?

I will admit that when I first started blogging I did it every day. It was my time right after talking with Jesus that I would meditate and blog. I need to get back to doing that. But one day at a time, I’ve learned. Too many changes at once don’t often work in the long run. We aren’t God after all, just his servants and what we need help with we must ask of Him, not of ourselves.

As the time has moved on, we have decided to go away for the weekend. I’m planning on continuing this diet/lifestyle change as we depart but know it is going to be challenging. The reward ahead though is what I focus on, and in knowing that in simple successes like 5lbs. I can find even more to be joyous and humble about.

Today, after so much rain it is sunny. As a family who loves to stay in-doors we are inside today but I plan to weed later on. We were outside yesterday for a lot of time, but too much sun, like anything, is not good. Do you ever feel like you have had too much of something? Rain perhaps? Ha. It has rained here this past week leaving many that struggle with seasonal depression issues to rot in worry. Don’t worry with the Lord though; He is and always will be good.

Until the next blog, I pray that you have a great week and that the sunshine hits your shoulders in just the right way. And Amen to that!

“Make me know Your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4

lifestyle changes.

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