Hello Summer.

My computer is so slow today that I’m afraid my whole computer might shut down on itself.

Nevertheless, I am in fast mode today and not knowing exactly what to do with myself.

My son and husband are away and I’m literally here alone.

This is the first time since Tyson’s death that I have been home without him when my husband has been off on business. And it’s so different. It’s a little strange but I’m starting to enjoy a lot of this alone time in knowing I can just wait on myself hand and foot and not anyone else. Oh, the freedom! I’m so crazy I might even make myself fettucine alfredo for lunch today! Ha.

Summer finally feels like it is here and the sun is out. My five year old is at his grandparent’s house and I’m told they are to swim a couple of days this week. I will pick him up on Friday and we will lunch with my Father for Father’s Day. Are you doing anything special for the day?

We are supposed to go back up and visit my in laws on Sunday and go to a cook out that celebrates the men. It sounds fun. And they definitely deserve it. I am very blessed to have a lot of good Godly men in my life. A cook out is the least we can do to celebrate Father’s Day.

I’m missing my son so much right now though. Normally when I blog I am also multi tasking and making him breakfast but today…it’s just me and my orange soda.

Have I ever told you about my diet orange Sunkist addiction? Most people who know me well know this already about me…that where I go Sunkist is not far behind. I have been known to even leave a few in people’s refrigerators over the years, making it oh so convenient when I am at someone’s house and they ask me what I’d like to drink. “Oh…” they’ll say…”I think there might be an orange soda in the fridge from the last time you were here.”

Convenience. Have you ever set up your life to make it more convenient for yourself? After asking my in laws to take my son for a couple of days I started to think more seriously about this…

How hard we make our lives is up to us for a large part. How much we ask not just Jesus for help, but others is up to us too…and I haven’t been doing enough of this I’ve decided.

I’ve gone for years without a break and it started to take its toll. Now that I’m revamping I’m starting to realize this all though as for a very long time I seemed to be lost in a routine or deadly fog. It was if my life had suddenly gone on autopilot and there didn’t seem to be a way out.

Today is a new day though and the light shines. I thank the Lord for his goodness and pray that you are able to enjoy His light too. Take good care of yourself. It’s the best gift you can give to others.

Much love to you. XOXO…

“For with You is the fountain of life: in Your light, we see light.” Psalm 36:9

hello summer.

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Hi, my name is Jeanna. My life is a Party.

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