Quick Fixes.

The problem with technology, is that it can totally take over your life without you ever realizing it. It starts in subtle ways, but truly attacks your love center—meaning your brain. Suddenly the world exists, “only” on your phone where people that you know in real life create stories of themselves and share it for the world to see. What a guilty pleasure; how could anyone resist in today’s society when that is what it requires to “be” social? You either hole up and not join Facebook, or live your life in the jungle like the rest of us. Hours of countless scouring for new messages and ‘feeds’ that work as quick fixes to our lonely hearts and brains.

The truth is we are losers at love.

Your phone won’t ever love you the way you should first love yourself, and then others. And certainly, anything doesn’t come close to how much God loves you. But he isn’t on technology or Facebook. But somehow He has the power to be omnipresent. So why don’t we give Him more credit in our lives?

There is a certain type of comradery that goes along with Facebook. And because I consider myself a positive person, I consider Facebook for its definite positives.

There is NOTHING in our world today that speaks to us the way Facebook does.

It is just in how we use it or choose to evaluate it to be part of the issues that surround it. This comradery is something not said aloud, but somehow ingrained in us to be understood: we support one another. Untimely, we do. It’s a part of what we undoubtedly molded into an awareness or new social etiquette over the years. At the end of the day, we share, like, and comment by “showing” our love to others in ways in which they know they will be understood. We “like” posts in the same way we “like” people or certain ideas. It is the way the world works now and something I’ve found myself generally adapting to and attempting to figure out since the big boom of the internet.

I always try and talk about (or tell myself) how change is good. It is the inevitable, so we almost have to make it that way…but, have you ever had change happen “too” fast?

I feel this way about technology and what it ultimately did, social media in particular, to our world. To us. Call us victims perhaps of change we couldn’t control, but could only adapt to the best ways in which we knew how. With friends.

I love the fact that even though technology doesn’t require as much face to face interaction, that it somehow requires even more face to face interaction.

I have found myself (especially lately) struggling with how to deal with the lack thereof of social interaction. Being a stay at home mom with a very small circle (right now) of friends “in real life” sometimes really weighs heavy on me. I pray about days when things will change and it will seem like light years away from where I sit today, but truly lately I have actually yearned for some new changes.

First of all, I would love a job. One in addition to “being mom.” I get envious sometimes of my husband for even having the ability to drive alone somewhere, let alone every day.

I miss having the pride of a paycheck and truly the honor it is to be part of the human race. I generally miss being somewhere out there in the world producing whatever it is that makes you tick on a daily basis. Being a stay at home mom is HARD. The lack of intimate relationships makes it even harder though. Work relationships are something in our society that we take for granted, but it is how a lot of our social circles function. It’s how mine used to anyhow.

I pray that in His time, that I will find myself ever evolving again in a career or something outside of the house. And enough with what feels like, quick fixes. I know that something awaits, and I gain more and more excitement with each passing day in what the future holds, not just for me but also for my friends and family.

I pray you have a good day today, social media, and all. May nothing let you stop showing your love towards others, whether that be on Facebook or in real life. It’s your intention that always counts in the first place. And Amen to that!

“And endurance develops maturity of character. And character produces joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.” Romans 5:4

quick fixes.

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