I woke up this morning to a sick little boy.

His cough is menacing and yet he can’t help but to still be in high and hopeful spirits. He woke me up this morning his normal way by screaming, “Mom!” at the tops of his lungs. He does this every day to see if “it is time to wake up yet.” And if it isn’t, five minutes later he will scream my name again.

It got me thinking this morning about time and how short sometimes five minutes can feel or how long it feels based on the situation. Five minutes of more sleep for me means very little. Because this morning he was so relentless, and sick, I decided to wake up early and get him settled in front of one of his favorite tv shows. This does not mean though that he stayed there. Instead he followed me around begging to get on my phone and play a new game that he had put on there the other day.

“Do I have to wait for you to give up to play the game?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure at that point what type of game we were playing but upon asking more questions I realized, that he was simply waiting for me to cave or give in, so he could play his game on my phone.

It all got me thinking about discipline and how much thought I give to it in my life. Do I cave a lot? Or…give in? Do I have good self discipline? Or do I quit? 

I still haven’t pruned my garden even though I said I was going to the other day. It is starting to bother me, but do I simply quit? I have a date on the calendar in which I plan to do all of my planting, so that is something worth remembering. No, I haven’t quit, but boy the feelings of guilt that come along with even pondering quitting are great.

Do you ever find yourself in one of these predicaments? Maybe you put something off to the point of actually quitting? I don’t know, but today I decided I needed a stronger back bone and that I needed to analyze how much I “cave.” Not just with my son either, but with other people.

Saying no has always been easy for me, but over time I question whether or not I can be prodded at until I give in. Have I become…soft?

I pray to God for His direction in doing the right thing and I know that these prayers will be answered. I have total faith that something this simple is something that both He and I can handle together. And Amen to that! They do say that quitting is not an option. Maybe it is just something I need to remember.

I pray you have a good day and that you have good health. Your health is everything. It is the gift you give to others. Prayers today too for my little one to get rid of this nasty cold. Amen.

“They brought to Him all who were ill…and he healed them.” Matthew 4:24


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Hi, my name is Jeanna. My life is a Party.

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