Special Gifts.

We went to a birthday party yesterday. It was pirate themed, and one of the cutest ones I’d ever been to even during my early years of going to birthdays.

I love birthdays. Maybe it’s the celebration of life that I love the most, I don’t know, (or the cake), but either way I think birthdays are special, no matter how old you are.

Yesterday all of the kids painted pirate chests. There were tons of colors and paint brushes to choose from—a real kid’s dream, and every chest turned out different. There were pink ones, and blue ones, gold sparkly ones and orange ones. Most of them had many different colors but it made me think about God’s love for us and how he made us all so intricately different. It is So intimate.

Just like snow flakes, here we are, so special in our own ways. It got me thinking about my specialness or what He gave me to be special as gifts. And even though they may “seem” small they are all what works out to make me, well…me.

Do you feel you have special gifts and talents that you use daily?

A lot of people I notice shun or shy away when asked this question. For some reason they don’t feel worthy but let me tell you that’s the wrong attitude to have. If you are musical, be musical. If you are the life of the party, smile and humor others. If you are quiet and give your gifts of service by observation, speak up when you see something that others do not. Give your specialness to the world.

Using our special gifts makes us what and who we are and they should be God centered. Dr. Rev. Stanley says this about living a God centered life: “A Christ- centered life is fueled by love for the Savior, which flows from increasing knowledge of Him. And we learn to know Jesus more intimately through reading, praying, and quietly abiding in His presence. As Christ increases in our mind and heart, we’ll discover that our self focus decreases and He becomes the delight in our lives.” To make Him happy, is to honor Him by being ourselves. Our spirits are unique and should be shared with others in His name.

Most people who don’t live Christ centered lives, don’t even have the time to think about special gifts, but if you worship the Savior, He is definitely looking for you to use what you’ve been given. You should feel good about this, as you are special to others but especially to Him. And Amen to that!

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.” Hebrews 12: 1-2

special gifts.

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