Two years ago I planted bulbs.

They are part of our flower bed directly outside our door to our house.

This year, they don’t look so good however, because I didn’t weed them. They are beautiful red, and yellow tulips and so big that they often fall over because they can’t lift their heads up.

I thought about this this morning and realized that I was using Tyson’s death as an excuse. An excuse NOT TO take care of my flowers because I was so sad and in mourning. My flowers paid the price of my actions. I realize though that there is still time to mend them and today I am going to go buy a pair of gardening gloves to help inspire me to go out and weed.

Do you ever feel like your life needs weeding?

I feel this way, even today. There are so many things that I want to improve but in taking things one day at a time, I must learn patience and perseverance somehow at the same time. Do you ever feel this way?

I pray to the Lord, my rock and this helps. I blog and this helps too. Often times after I pray in the morning before I blog, it helps to settle my mind even more so.

Is there anything that you do that helps to settle your thoughts?

I think that every day is a day to learn something new. However, I think it makes it difficult sometimes when we are always changing. But that is life. I have often wondered how we are to truly know anyone if we are always changing all the time. I guess it doesn’t matter though, as long as we know ourselves as best we can and know God intimately. He is our only never changing force that we can rely on. Our rock in our garden full of weeds.

Actually, with Him there are never any weeds and the only upkeep we need to keep a relationship with Him is on us. It’s simple and it’s easy. Checking in and praying every day is something I can definitely do as the rewards are out of this world—they are divine. Do you know the Lord to be your rock and Savior?

I thank Jesus for His faithfulness. My faithfulness is great and I love my savior. I pray that you have a satisfying relationship with Him too and if you don’t, that you allow yourself this special kind of reliance on a Higher Power. It makes for a happy, joyous, and free life and something that is available to all of us. And Amen to that!

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer.” Psalm 18:2


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Hi, my name is Jeanna. My life is a Party.

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