Shake Ups.

It was never my intention to blog, but especially to blog about God.

It was something I felt “led” to do. Do you know this feeling? Do you listen to a power higher than yourself for direction?

I didn’t start doing this until I was in my last marriage. Times were tough and it was (probably) the first time I was able to quiet my mind and listen.

I just wrote a whole section of verbiage that suddenly erased but I’m going to keep on going and try not to get distracted. It’s so hard to blog in the morning and try to get it completed while getting my son ready for school and us off, but nevertheless, that’s when the messages come, so that’s when I must blog. God says so. And I listen, as best as can, to what I’m told.

I hit a car on Monday morning. It was a total accident and something that even if I was paying better attention that I couldn’t have avoided. It was at my son’s drop off and luckily it was with a woman who is simply wonderful and such a forgiving, loving spirit that she just laughed it off. It didn’t cause any damage, but even so, it shook me up.

Things would have been just fine if I hadn’t hit the cart return then too the other day at Walmart. I even have that assisted beeping that the truck does upon backing up, but for some reason…there it was. BAM. I bumped off of it just as I had her car. No damage but again, it shook me up.

It started to make me wonder what was wrong with me all of the sudden. If I wanted to take it that far, it made me nearly nervous to drive and back up again. But I prayed over the situations and God told me never to fear, that He is with me regardless and that the evil one would love to take my driver’s license away if I let him. So, I’m putting my faith in Jesus and telling myself it was a handful of odd occurrences that just so happened to coincide.

This morning I will be extra careful when dropping off my child, but it will not stop me from living my life and continuing with our routine.

Have you ever had occurrences that sometimes made you fearful of every day life?

Perhaps you fell once, I don’t know. Metaphorically we all fall. It’s the getting back up again and remaining faithful that counts.

I pray today you have a safe and harmonious day and celebrate the true wonder that is our world. To be fearless, to live with a dedicated spirit to Jesus, and to speak of Him is the best thing you can do. Why not start today? Prayer and love to you. Amen.

“And when you are brought to trial in the synagogues and before rulers and authorities, don’t worry about how to defend yourself or what to say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said.” Luke 12: 11-12

shake ups.

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