Conscious Contact.

I had a psychologist once tell me that whatever we say out loud is what a part of our brain truly believes deeply to be true.

It made me think this morning about a lot of things, but mainly how many times a day I tell Jesus I love Him.

Call it a nervous tick, but I say aloud: “I love you Jesus,” probably at least ten times a day out loud.

I think it is a better habit as I used to say, “I hate this,” quite a lot before I decided to change this part of my being and change some things up about my life. I can say that thinking positively even when things are rough to be one of the biggest changes I have made thus far in hoping I can better myself each and every day. To live more like Jesus, I must love Him, and this I do.

Do you have any mantras you say aloud or to yourself each day?

To live a Christ centered life can sometimes be hard in this world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to make it easier for ourselves. To lose focus, is sometimes to lose faith so keeping centered sometimes takes some work on our part if we are to live Christ like lives.

My son this morning told me he had two colds—one for the cough and one for the sneezes. I laughed but it was hard considering I think I caught the one with the sneezes. I pray that I didn’t catch it as we both are trying to mend from this and I keep telling myself it is allergies.

When I saw my counselor the other day she told me she thought some of my depression was due to seasonal issues as we had a hard winter. She said she wasn’t making excuses for me, but it was rough for everyone with the lack of sunshine.

I think my depression came directly from losing Tyson. And I would say, before blowing anything out of proportion, that it is normal. Sometimes we are just sad. We are only human.

It doesn’t mean though that the sun won’t rise with each and every morning and that things won’t get better. In time things have “lightened.” I can’t quite explain this, as the mourning still hasn’t gone. It has become more short lived though in the acceptance of the things that I simply cannot change.

Today is another day without sun, but I know that with God, the sun is always shining. I must look to Him for guidance and in times when I feel weak. He is always there to guide me if I am willing to listen with intent. Whether I listen to Him or not though, is up to me. Life might not be easy, but if I listen to the Lord, I will continue to live a happy, joyous, and free life. And Amen to that!

I pray you have a good day sunshine or not, and that the Holy Spirit fills you with joy that you can share with others. Amen.

“Our old way of life before we believed in Christ is completely in the past. We should put it behind us like old clothes to be thrown away. When we decide to accept Christ’s gift of salvation, it is both a one time decision, as well as a daily conscious commitment. We are not to be driven by desire and impulse. We must put on the new nature, head in the new direction, and have the new way of thinking the Holy Spirit gives.” Ephesians 4: 22-24

conscious contact

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