This morning I noticed that my dog is tied out with nearly a thread.

Our rope that is attached to a hook on the wall of the house has grown nearly threadbare. It made me laugh so hard to see this in knowing that even though my dog is tied, he would never run away…it is just meant as a safety so that HE feels comfortable in going out using some type of lead or routine.

It got me thinking this morning though about God and how we are so much like this…wanting so badly to be tied to Him but knowing that free will is something real that we must address and deal with. It would be much easier if we were constantly tied physically to God, but that’s not how it goes. Instead, through our faith we are tied to the Lord and in that way, we are happy, joyous and free when spiritually bound.

Today, is Tuesday and garbage day. There isn’t much happening here, but I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers because my son is better and not only that, so is my dog. He has even started begging for food again and attempting to sneak into the garbage when we aren’t looking.

I made one of those huge pre-made lasagnas for dinner the other night…which was so bad we actually had to throw it away (the bottom was burnt to a crisp and the top had melted cheese). But anyways, it didn’t stop Tyson from nosing in the garbage can! It was then that I realized that yes, he is our same old dog again and I was, for the very first time, excited that he was attempting to rummage through the garbage to find that marinara sauce—one of his favorites.

As I look at the rummage of Notre Dame today I had a friend who posted an article from “Christian Today” that said: “Hope amid the rubble: surrounded by damage, devastation and the broken hearts of a nation, a cross remains standing and unscathed in Notre Dame, Paris.”

It made my heart delight and rejoice. What a sign. What a huge metaphor. How good God is…that in the aftermath of ALL of our storms, He is risen.

I pray that as we grow closer to celebrating this special time of year that you hear and see His voice. Meaning that what remains in your heart really speaks to you…even though sometimes our “things” are burned, we as a people will always rise if we are with Him. Amen. Thank you, Jesus.

It is a new day and God’s mercy is new every morning.

“My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him.” Psalm 62: 5


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