Low Batteries.

I just got a notification from my computer that my “battery was running low.”

And I thought: “No kidding!”

Today my husband gets home from his week away from work, and man am I ready! I am feeling burnt out and my five-year-old and I are starting to actually get on each other’s nerves. There is no buffer and my husband, I’m realizing acts as the perfect buffer between these long days going one on one with a five-year-old.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the things we have until they are gone. But sometimes we don’t even realize what we have until they are gone.

Even though it’s been really rough this week without my husband, I am now realizing more so what a blessing he is to our family. Our family unit is balanced and blessed and amen to that! So, I am growing more excited for him to get home as we do miss him but more than that, what he does for our family allows us to be complete and stable. Take one of us away, and things become unbalanced.

This morning my son started screaming at me from his bed room: “Mom! Mom! Mom!” over and over again until I would get up and go get him “unstuck” from his covers. It wasn’t the fondest memory and even now I find irritation with remembering how I woke up this morning. It is time for my husband to come home. He called this morning amongst my irritation and reassured me that soon enough he would be back again and things would go back to normal. Back to normal meaning my son would scream at the top of his lungs “Mom!” in the morning when he wakes up, but not repetitively like he did today.

I have to keep praying and reminding myself of my blessings when things get to me here. I forgot to turn on the heat last night and we all woke up with runny noses and a freezing cold house. It is 58 degrees right now and rising but it was just another thing I felt I had let down.

The dog refused to take his pills this morning too, so I actually stuffed them into his mouth and held it shut until he ate them. Yes. I know. I am not proud of these moments recently when I have lost my cool, but again, my battery is low. And I needed recharged.

I spent my time with God this morning and this did it for me. It helped me to reflect on my actions before anything or anyone else got worse. God gives me the patience and love I need in my heart to keep on going and with a better attitude.

Do you ever pray to God and suddenly feel re-energized? More at love and peace with the world?

I do this a lot as it’s what allows me to create balance and harmony here on earth in my own little world. God saves me each and every time and even times when I think I’m really going to lose it, he recharges my battery and I’m able to go on. And Amen to that!

I pray you have a great day that is harmonious and when things get tough you look up. God is there with you and is awaiting your call. Not many take advantage of such a divine service, but I pray that you will. And Amen to that!

“Let my pray be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:2

low batteries.

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