Have you ever had something happen to you that you feel like it’s, “meant to be?”

My husband is out of town working for the week and my dog is still sick.

Yesterday I finally called the vet. and got him an appointment for 10 am today.

I pray that somehow there is something they can do for him, as he is not only NOT eating but throwing up constantly. They said on the phone that the last time he was there they just did the Lyme’s Disease test (which he tested positive for) but didn’t do any testing for his kidneys or liver.

This news (already) doesn’t sound good and last night I was up worrying about what today would hold. It’s almost as though I’m supposed to do this alone though (without my husband here). There is just something about the timing of it all that feels somehow that it is meant to be.

My five-year-old takes all of this with a grain of salt and I wish I could feel the same. He is watching t.v. as we speak and laughing and carrying on while meanwhile, I’m blogging and feeling like I could throw up all over my computer screen.

I almost didn’t blog today for fear that it would be nothing but bad news. So here is the good news: my family all is well, and we all have our health. We are safe and in good places in our lives. This is a blessing I keep reminding myself through this angst. That even though there is a storm elsewhere in our lives, there are also sunny days that we can take advantage of on the other side of things.

Do you ever feel like there is both a storm and sun in your life? I guess it is one of those glass is half full things…but it’s all in how you look at it. My dog is sick. But my life, overall is good. My husband is well and able to go away and depend on me and that from both sides is a blessing.

Please continue to pray for our situation here though because it is hard. I have spent some time with God last night and this morning and know that whatever comes I won’t truly be alone. And that it is going to be okay. Things will work out regardless.

Have a good day today. And remember to count your blessings even if things seem stormy.

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” John 12:46


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