Happy Hearts.

My five-year-old just told me that “everything in real life is really funny.”

At first, I didn’t know how to take this…so I said; “What do you mean?” (He was watching SpongeBob at the time, so I figured he was talking about this strange cartoon).

“Everything in real life…it’s funny,” he said.

“Watch!” And with that he went racing around in circles all silly like and laughing.

“I told you so,” he said.

I laughed (of course). But I was otherwise in a serious “let’s get ready for school” mode.

Trying to get this kid ready (for anything) is quite the feat as he IS silly and loves to take his time in humoring every situation by dancing around and laughing.

It got me thinking this morning though that maybe I’m taking life TOO seriously. After all, what am I rushing around for? I woke up earlier today so I wouldn’t have to rush as much with my blog and our breakfast time festivities so what was my problem?

Have you ever noticed yourself in super serious mode when you didn’t need to be?

God always tells me to practice balance, but sometimes I find this to be hard. It made me think this morning about progress and quite honestly, for a small time, it started to get me down. Mainly, because I started to get down on myself.

I think this is the biggest mistake, we as Christians, can make: to get too hard on ourselves or to start “getting down.” It’s the perfect time for the devil to start whispering in our ears and away we can go from the Big Guy if we aren’t careful. We can really lose ourselves if we become “down.”

So, love yourself and remember that there IS progress being made in you even when times are hard, and you feel somewhat lost. You aren’t. God is there with you and never leaves you. He loves you and wants you to be happy.

So, yes…if I had to say it again, I would tell my son that yes…everything in “real” life is silly. Real life IS funny. Not that I know what he meant by false life, but in the end, having a happy light heart is something I definitely want to identify with and to reinforce in my five-year-old.

I hope today you don’t take things too seriously and remember that “tasks” are just things we do each day to fill the time. Real progress is made with God. As He watches over you today try to have a happy, carefree heart. He loves you and so should you. Love  yourself! Be secure! And Amen to that!

“I love You fervently and devotedly, O Lord, my Strength. The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.” Psalm 18:1-2

happy hearts

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