Coffee & Jesus.

I decided to write from bed this morning because my little one is (was) out there watching television. Then, he decided he wanted to come in here to my bedroom to “play his games.”

We have a system that allows our Xbox to work from our bedroom along with our t.v. So now we are both in bed, I’m trying to write while he is screaming at the t.v. at the top of his lungs.

Lord be with me.

Already today I feel the pressure of life weighing down on me. It is laundry and garbage day. One of my least favorite days of the week. And it didn’t help that today I ran out of creamer so I’m stuck drinking hotel coffee. Well, I mean it tastes like it.

I haven’t had hotel coffee since I used to travel for a job I used to have.

I used to work in advertising and each week (when I lived in Dallas) I would fly to Savannah for the week to help a company with their relocation efforts. The coffee was always the worst, with either little milk and sugar or straight black; but back in the day life was so exciting it never mattered much.

Being a mom: I NEED coffee. It was something this morning I realized I have grown to depend on.

Have you ever found yourself dependent on something a little more than you should be?

I prayed extra hard this morning because I woke up in somewhat of a disarray and knowing I had no coffee didn’t help. It reminded me though that nothing is greater than God’s power and that maybe that was just the lesson I was to learn this morning: that God is greater than coffee—that He is greater than ANYTHING.

I know that God is at work within me and I enclosed a verse today that has really been speaking to my heart lately. I pray it speaks to you too.

Do you have bible verses that ever seem to sneak up on you…ones that seem to minister to you whether you are looking for them or not?

I often simply pray in the morning and then sort through my Joyce Meyer devotional book. Wherever I land, I read and I don’t go by the date of the devotional. I find God throughout my day this way too and look for His direction no matter if I’m online or elsewhere. I try to find Him everywhere. Yesterday someone on my LinkedIn posted a quote from Abe Lincoln.

Take it for what it’s worth but Lincoln said “The best thing about the future is…it comes one day at a time.” And Amen to that! I decided to take that for what it was worth. Not everything you read online is helpful but there are things, positively speaking, that I have learned to save for my tool belt. Taking things one day at a time is great advice as it helps us to not become so self serving and consumed by worldly things. I know with God, I can handle things if I take them one day at a time. Do you feel this way?

I pray you have a day that you find Jesus everywhere and that you sow only what you want to reap. Today I know that God has great plans for me, even if sometimes it seems hard; I must continue this race one step at a time—and one day at a time with enthusiasm. In that way I will find my life overall to be happy, joyous and free!

“God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished.” Philippians 1:6

coffee & jesus

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