Sweet Spots.

My whole family woke up with allergies this morning.

It had rained last night leaving everything really damp and cold. My husband sounds like a toad as he goes and gets our five-year-old ready to go to my in laws this morning.

My five-year-old is throwing somewhat of a fit because he is afraid that if he goes to his grandparents he will “miss” the birthday party that he has been invited to this afternoon.

Have you ever been afraid to go somewhere or do something in case you missed out on another opportunity?

I have found that it is better to stay on course, than to try and plot around to or for “other” things. It can actually end up in missed opportunities (the opposite of what we want) and sometimes, if we aren’t careful—it can end in hurt feelings.

I got the notification yesterday that I had finally made 50 blog posts! What a feat. I have to admit to you that I was somewhat surprised and proud all at the same time. It got me thinking though, if I can do that every day for that long, what is another 50?

Have you ever put time into something and had it pay off?

God has given me so much direction since I started blogging but one thing He tells me remains true: To stay steady and to keep on keeping on…to not give up.

Even though things can get hard, like this morning when I would have loved to have been in bed instead, I knew that getting up and getting back at it would help me throughout the day and overall, it is the “quality not quantity” that God looks for and in the early mornings (somehow) I am at my best.

Do you have a time of day that you are your best?

Take advantage of these times even if they seem hard. If there is anything I need to work on, it’s following my own advice. I’ve written 50 blogs now, but sometimes I too forget the power I have with the Lord in my heart. With Him I can win any race, regardless of how bad my allergies are or how I feel at the time. And Amen to that!

I pray you have a good day and find your sweet spot. It can make all the difference in the world and helps you to praise God fully and wholeheartedly and there is nothing better than that!

“All things work together for good to those who love God.” Romans 8:28

sweet spots.

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