If there is one reason I blog, it’s to show God’s power through my life testimony.

But sometimes I have to remember this objective.

I have a tendency, (as outgoing and social that I am), to self-isolate.

This keeps me from moving forward or doing His will. And ultimately, after pledging my life to God, and giving it to Him, I follow His direction, and no one else’s. To look for this direction takes a lot of patience and practice each day and I’ve learned so much over this past year on how I should be reconnecting each day with the Lord. This is what helps ME to live a happy, joyous, and free life.

I’ll be honest with you then. Yesterday, someone hurt my feelings. I hesitated writing about it because it almost seemed too personal. But after listening for my direction, I realize it is part of today’s message. Thank you, Jesus.

It was over the simplest thing, but because I had lost my grounding and because I was fresh off of a victory at my five-year-old’s school, I lost focus. I became pained and hurt, and lost sight of what is important. God and my family. I had forgotten for one split afternoon and lost myself (slightly). And because I became petty and undeserving, I lost some time during the day that I could have been celebrating instead. Remember this: we should always be celebrating. There is so much in life to be thankful for and to not count blessings from above makes us lose sight (somehow) of what is directly in front of us.

Yesterday what was directly in front of me was my five-year-old, who knocked kindergarten registration out of the park, but because of that one small set back, I couldn’t somehow enjoy and bask in the light the way I envisioned…

This greatly bothered me later last night when I realized that a day of celebration got some wasted efforts on a friend who (completely unintentionally) hurt my feelings. I was being too sensitive yes, but in the long run my PRIORITIES weren’t in check.

My son just said to me: “Mom, watch me do a 360.”

And he twirled around, his arms outstretched as he tossed himself in a circle and landed on the floor.

“Wow!’ I said, what a remarkable landing!

After taking some time to think this morning, I think that metaphorically we can all relate. God just wants us to get our landing right. He has watched us twirl around so many times…Where we find ourselves throughout our lives never matters, it’s all in how we pick ourselves up, do the 360 turnaround and keep moving. Land well then. And I am thankful to tell you that landing well for me the second time around (here in this marriage) was a success. And in this victory today I will praise God. I have so much to be thankful for but especially for my partner and spouse. He is in bed sick today and I will have my turn at playing daddy and mommy for a day and because I can be of service in that way I am blessed. And Amen to that!

I’m closing today with a quote from a man named, Mark Sutton. Though I don’t know of him, I found this quote on happiness and responsibility to be one for the taking: “It is beneficial to take responsibility for your own happiness. We often displace our happiness into people, places and things. Meaning, we feel we will be happy once we have this job, or we meet that person. When in reality, this is false fulfillment; because your happiness can be stripped away as soon as you lose one of these things. When your happiness comes from inside, no outside circumstance can affect it.”

So as many times as you twirl around in life, I pray today that you always get your landing right. In that way you are always moving forward. With God as your captain, you can’t lose. Place your sights on Him and His direction will always guide you home. AMEN!




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