Well, today is the big day. Today, is my five-year-old’s Kindergarten registration.

From what I understand, we go to the school, and it sounds much like an interview. But there is also (some type) of academic testing along with all the paper work.

And I’m nervous. I know, surprise, surprise!

(To top things off, I was running out of creamer this morning, so I used my kid’s chocolate milk…smart…for someone who already has IBS).

Anyways, it was hard to get to sleep all night and now I am up with my husband at the crack of dawn. I’ve been reading a book, a devotional, by Joyce Meyer each day called, “Starting Your Day Right: Devotions for each morning of the year.” And this morning I decided (without sleep), that I would wake up and spend some alone time with God. I have been anxious so today my battle armor might need to be thicker. And I’m so glad I did.

My husband (who is a doll), generally ignores my…quirks. But I remember him telling me once to “lower my expectations.” And I was thinking this morning that maybe I should do the same thing not only for others, but for myself too.

I put so much pressure on things, but especially myself. Do you ever do that? We aren’t creating diamonds here, and sometimes, honestly, I need to remind myself.

The last thing I’d ever want to do is to have my son develop my anxiety over things, so this morning I’m praying, along with Joyce Meyer, for Him to make me a better ambassador. This not only includes playing my part as a Christian with strangers, but it especially includes playing my part as a wife and mom. To “not” expect ANYTHING, might be the guided blessing today, and mainly always. To do things and not expect things in return, is maybe…how we should all live our lives? Wouldn’t that make so many things somewhat easier?

As for today, I have decided not to worry about this appointment, but instead “look forward to it without expectation.” That way life hits me the way it should. I am in God’s hands and shouldn’t be worrying over life anyway. I am His child, and because of that I am happy, joyous, and FREE. And Amen to that!

My mom gave me this book by Meyer on starting days right with God. And I am forever thankful. Joyce says: “…Lord I give You the gifts and talents that You put in me. I want to use them for Your glory. I want to lead somebody to You. Put in my path someone to whom I can minister, someone I can encourage. Help me to be a blessing to someone today. Lord, I want to be Your ambassador and represent You today.”

If you ask me, there is NO greater prayer than that! Every day we should be blessing one another. What a world this would be if we all had that mindset. Today, my goal is to focus on my family first, ensuring I am blessing them, as well as, strangers. Putting people in my path might be my five-year-old son, or my husband, but either way when I give and expect nothing in return, I am blessing myself and others. It’s a win-win. And I love to win it and be a part of the whole party. Today, I pray that you have thanksgiving in your heart and go about your day in joyous, fruitful ways too. Amen.


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