My son is complaining this morning about his legs hurting.

“They hurt when I move my feet,” he said.

“Well…then don’t move your feet,” I said.

In all actuality, I know why his legs hurt. He was up at one of his grandparent’s houses yesterday playing and bike riding with the neighbor kids.

“Your legs hurt because you aren’t used to bike riding yet,” I told him. “The muscles you aren’t used to using got used, and now they are sore and are causing you some pain. But it will be okay.”

Such is life.

He didn’t seem to take heed, but I knew that eventually this summer once we get him built up that he would be happy to ride his bike and the soreness (like anything in due time) would diminish.

It all got me thinking metaphorically about life though and how if we don’t exercise our certain abilities or muscles, or anything that it might cause us pain upon first starting out again. Maybe that’s why they say it’s so hard to fall “off the wagon” because getting back on can seem even harder.

Do you have anything that you haven’t exercised in a while?

I know for me it is definitely physical exercise and I’m not looking forward to the strain when it gets nice out again. I (was) in the habit of walking what I called, “the line” each day. It was merely a sidewalk in a local park that I used to get some fresh air after talking with the Lord each morning. That part I do look forward to, but this summer I plan on taking my bicycling kid along with me too. Together we can put an end to our muscles that ache and build up ones that are strong. If we find trouble we will call upon the Lord; because we know he will always fix our flat tires. And Amen to that!

And just because we are pained today doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. It is a joyous occasion to feel pain that tells us we are getting better and not worse. And in that way we can count our soreness as a blessing, not a disdain. We can take it as a good sign. We are getting stronger.

I hope that even though you might find troubles today, that you can choose to be happy. That is what we are doing here. It may be rough, but it’s the one of the best decisions you could ever make. Choose to be happy and overall, things become fresh and new. Even with sore muscles! Amen.

“My mouth shall praise You with joyful lips when I remember You upon my bed and meditate on You in the night watches. For You have been my help.” Psalm 63:5-7



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2 thoughts on “Happy.”

  1. This post literally made me laugh out loud! Especially your “don’t move your feet” advice. It sounds like something that my mom would have said! I can really relate to the lack of exercise though. I have not been to the gym for months and it shows in the fit of my clothes! Well, that changed today. I got a membership for the YMCA and went and exercised today. I tried to take it easy and not overdo it, but it wouldn’t take much! So I will likely be feeling the pain in a couple of days! Hopefully, we will all get back in shape and it will be all worthwhile….someday!

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