Hello Spring.

It is the weekend. And today instead of waking up at the crack of dawn and hearing, “mommy,” instead…it was “daddy!!”

I love weekends. Have I told you this?

I love having my husband home and our family time together. Although the snow is getting to be a little old and we are starting (I think) to suffer from cabin fever.

I didn’t sleep in because it was so bright out and when I went to open the shutters expecting glorious sun, instead I got drudgery. Snow.

Snow. Bright white snow that lit up our bedroom. You know that kind I’m talking about? The kind that is just about to melt mixed with leaves from last fall and slush. What a combo platter!

It put me in somewhat of a bad mood until my son spilled all of his milk all over the dining room table and said: “oops, mommy I’m so sorry that was an accident.” And it was the cutest thing ever. You had to be there, but he acted like I was going to beat him to death over spilled milk. “Well, you didn’t do it on purpose,” I said. And cleaned it up.

Little moments like this put things into perspective for me sometimes. Things that sound awful at first sight but then turn into the brightest parts of our lives. I was thinking about this yesterday after looking at blue toothpaste on my towel hanging in the bathroom. My son uses that kid’s toothpaste that is gooey blue and after each time he brushes his teeth he wipes his gooey mouth on my clean towel. It took a while for me to notice this and wonder where the toothpaste I was wiping on myself was coming from but when I watched him one day, I realized that he was the culprit and I wasn’t going crazy.

At first glance it sounds like another annoying circumstance. But yesterday it got me thinking when looking at that little blue goo…someday I won’t have any blue goo. And for now, appreciating things for what they are is what I need to do before they are gone. Adult toothpaste is just a moment away and who knows when blue goo will come back, if ever. Just like snow. Someday those days will melt as we welcome spring. A new season of loving and living in God’s beautiful world. Why wouldn’t you appreciate each and every new day. They all add up to what you make life out to be. I will choose my best life and try my best to appreciate all God has given me, blue goo and all.

It is now March and the first day of spring is March 20th. We will welcome it when it decides to show up. But for today we will look at the finer things that cabin fever gives us, like time together and relish the small things like accidental spilled milk and toothpaste on towels. And Amen to that!

“It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” Matthew 13:32

hello spring

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3 thoughts on “Hello Spring.”

  1. My grandsons leave big gobs of the blue goo in my bathroom sink! Yuck! I swear that they put a big glob on their toothbrush, stick it in there mouth, then spit it right back out into the sink! Of course, they wouldn’t think about rinsing it down the drain afterward! I guess that is MawMaw’s job! It is annoying, but not as much as the wet toilet seat! I guess that is why they don’t say that boys are made of sugar and spice and everything nice like little girls! But it’s just a minor, temporary (hopefully!) little annoyance. There are so many more positive things about those sweet little boys that I love so much!

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