Party Gatherings.

Have you ever been sick for a week and when you finally do wake up you feel like your life is in disarray?

This just happened to me.

I never thought I did that much around here, but after this week of being down with some ear/sinus issues, I’m waking up and seeing laundry—everywhere, and dishes—everywhere. Everything is everywhere and no one is to be found cleaning. Looking at it from the bright side though, I guess I DO DO things around here and—everywhere.

Last weekend we had a great party gathering that included my closest family. We try to do this every year around Valentine’s Day but the past few years we failed to get together; and that just made this visit even more sweet. And sweets there were too! My aunt made a lovely puff cream cake and we had cookies, and mini muffins and pizza galore. My mom brought a cheese and fruit plate that was out of this world!

I ordered out just to save myself the stress (the pizza) of feeding everyone and it made it all that much more enjoyable when socializing. We even ordered a pizza called a, “Pittsburgh Pizza” full with steak and French fries on it. It was fun food for sure.

Don’t you love Party Gatherings?

You know I do. I love get togethers or times in which we can really all celebrate life together. I think it’s what makes life rich. Do you have Party Gatherings?

Today, as I try my best to regroup I am reminded of simple days like these and also ones in which we can come together, laugh, and simply enjoy life on its terms. That’s a good party. A good life. And I thank God for it each and every day. I also thank him for the sweet moments that allow me on days like this (when ill), to reflect on what’s past and get excited for future memories that have yet to even happen yet. Life is a party. And Amen to that!

“They brought to Him all who were ill…and he healed them.” Matthew 4:24

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Hi, my name is Jeanna. My life is a Party.

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