My computer screen background has a big yellow daisy on it and the scripture: “…for with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9 And as I sit here on my laptop in the dark, I am reminded of how much I am loved.

My husband just left for work and my five year old is still sleeping. Tyson, my big brown Boxer (who is now nearing ten years old), is now asleep downstairs on our old love sofa.

Can I just tell you? Life in these early moments is so grand; it definitely feels like love at first sight. In the dark. By myself. I don’t know…Either way it is some type of happiness I just can’t explain.

It’s Peaceful. Spiritual. Real life.

Tyson is getting old. But just like in real life, aren’t we all?? The only difference is that we get more time than dogs, otherwise maybe we would all be the same age. I don’t know but either way, this dog (sometimes) acts like he is truly ten.

He has always been prone to…what we might call “certain quirks.” (Like the time he became terrified of our water cooler). But lately he has developed a new schtick—and by that I mean he has become afraid of the dark.

I’m not kidding.

He gets stuck on our stairs every single morning (now) and night.

My husband and I barley have our heads hit the pillow at night before he starts this high pitched mermaid whine…it starts out ever so faintly and grows SLOWLY over time…until it’s like a fire alarm in need of new batteries. He is relentless.

And much like a ten year old.

If you go to the stairs and flip the light on— there he is. Just standing on the stairs waiting for you to turn on the light so he can go the rest of the way down…every night, just like clockwork, he literally gets stuck. Stuck on the stairs. So you have to turn the light on, reassure him it’s okay, and down he will go the rest of the way to the basement.

It got me thinking this morning about how lucky we are to have electricity. Honestly. How would you tell people your dog lives on the stairs?

Some mornings I’m happy just to fumble my way to the coffee machine in the dark without waking anyone up. But this morning it got me thinking…

I am loved. View it as you will, but looking at it all on a positive note, I am definitely: Needed.

Oh yes. And badly.

I have the power to turn the light on!

But truly, I am loved not only by God (who always keeps it light), but also those who surround me here on Earth. And there is NOTHING greater than that. That is, my truest blessing.

Thank you for today, O Lord, and please help us to remember that even in our darkest moments—You will love us and help us to keep it light. Amen. Lights.

Author: partygatherings

Hi, my name is Jeanna. My life is a Party.

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