Yoga Pants.

Since I was in the seventh grade, I have hot rollered my hair.

I like it big and poofy, with lots and lots of hair spray.

Call me a kid from the 80s, now an adult…I still enjoy this hair style more than anything else I’ve ever tried. I choose not to change it. So don’t even try to budge me. I must say though, it is some work to do this every morning and many times the straight iron would suffice (and maybe be more hip). I don’t care. It is the magic that makes me feel most like myself.

It got me thinking this morning though (after I was in hot rollers and my kid’s school was cancelled), that just because I hot roller my hair doesn’t mean my day was going to be any better. Or did it?

That extra effort to get out of my yoga pants over the past five years since I had my baby has taken huge amounts of hope and effort, but at the end of the day putting on my makeup and normal clothes has helped loads. It’s helped me get back to myself again and I notice that I accomplish much more when not in my yoga pants. Articles of clothing alone, maybe what is on the outside actually does do something for what resides within. Sometimes.

That’s why it’s important to always at least wear a smile. And I can do that!

So for now, even though we are snowed in and below temperatures outside, I will hot roller and find myself in casual clothing—and find myself saying no to the yoga pants and not the yoga. Until tomorrow, be well! And stay warm.

“Give preference to one another in honor.” Romans 12:10

yoga pants

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