Mascara is Dead.

Today. My mascara died.

It was such a good tube and one that somehow got better with age. Maybe it was a good batch? I dunno. Either way, it was something that caused me some grief and its what made me begin to think about change and how change is always so difficult, no matter how BIG or SMALL things may seem.

There was something about this mascara that made it volumize my lash in just the right way. I became accustomed to its ease and every morning greatly enjoyed using it to literally PLUMP up the volume on my face.

But those days are gone.

And how do we move on?


There is something about pain that is the greatest part of this equation. It is the roughest, most toughest thing to do but it must be dealt with. Otherwise, we become stuck in the past and in days in which things that we want are no longer available to us and won’t ever be again. That’s what some call a “rut” but I call it pure living hell.

You’ll see people who live completely in the past. They are the ones most often times that seem the most miserable. It’s unfortunate but true.

I used to be this way.

I still am to some extent.

I’m human.

Count every day for its blessings no matter how small or big things seem to weigh on you. Ask God for his guidance. HE comes. I promise. If you are faithful, regardless of the death or circumstance or pain that may seem unreal that you are going through right now—He is there. Even if you feel alone, you are not. Praise God for his mercy.

And thank Him for new beginnings. I have thanked him for this new mascara. It is not “like” the old one, but in time I’m sure I will learn that new things and old things go hand in hand. It is how we appreciate our lives as a whole. Take one day at a time.  And Amen to that. 😊

“He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

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