The F Word.

Well, we survived the storm. All in all, it turns out that it was the snow shoveling that took home the prize. It proved to be a much-needed male bonding exercise that I’m still flabbergasted (somewhat) about. My son was so excited to simply be helping his daddy. And because there are only (2) shovels, this mama got to stay inside where it’s warm and take photographs for her Facebook page.

That’s right, I said it: FACEBOOK. The F word. The fractions of time that add up to huge ones when we begin our life journeys and include social media.

I was watching Elevation Worship yesterday because the roads were so bad, and I love more than anything to hear that man preach. What’s his name? Steven Furtick. He’s the bomb. Anyways, like most Sundays, he has a lot of great things to say and valid points that he brought up regarding devices, reality versus behind the scenes conforming, and finding true joy instead of feeling pressured to be joyous, etc. Long story short, he brought up the F word. And there I was, getting ready to run outside and not only take a picture of my son and his dad shoveling, but also include a video clip for the “just in case” moments I oh so crave.

It was also then that I decided NOT to feel guilty for using F.

Right now, I sense fear. Fear that I will be someone who condemns, and that is the last thing that I EVER want to do. I do not want to ever speak ill of someone, especially publicly online. But the whole time he was going on, I kept thinking about how enormous the power of the Lord has become simply because of that church’s social media outlets. And that’s it. BAM!

I decided to F it, and Facebooked the snow shoveling day and was very happy I did.

I’ll tell you why.


Without all of my Facebook posts from the past five years—Yes, that’s right FIVE. And I mean every single day for FIVE YEARS. FACEBOOK…has become my historian. It’s like when the past me looks out for the future me. I love those “I’ve got your back” moments. The memories and moments that were captured (that I still enjoy every day) would be gone. So, I’m glad I did. I am glad I used F.

Living in the moment. Being present. Finding that happiness? I get it.

But for now, Facebook is something I have decided I will continue to use for MY purposes. Not to show off anything or to be hyper focused on what others are doing, but for my own mental catalog of what I’m doing. We (more specifically) what WE are doing as a family. So, until next week Steven F., I think I’m going with social media this time. And don’t worry, I will continue to share you consistently on my F. 😊

Love & Giggles,


Jesus is MY healer. I must remember that He gives me the strength to endure. It is within me that He dwells. When I am feeling the pangs of guilt, I must question where this emotion is coming from before proceeding because most of the time, it is merely a worldly matter. And most of the time? It doesn’t concern me. Most things that are worried over are things that truly don’t (in the long run) mean much of anything. Cleaning my plate, shoveling my side of the street, and moving on, helps me to stay focused, balanced, and in control of what my daily motivators with Him, are and that includes no one else. It helps me to stay healthy both physically and mentally. And I thank you, Jesus, for this awesome gift. It is where I find my Joy.

“They brought to Him all who were ill…and HE healed them. Matthew 4:24


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